Training Services


Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Leader Training Programs

Teya Services, LLC offers a variety of CPI training opportunities to enhance any organization’s goal to become more effective and efficient. Teya currently offers four types of CPI workshops

  • Basic Lean Concepts which is geared to junior level operators,
  • Lean for Managers which is designed for mid to senior level managers,
  • Executive Lean which is specially aimed at executive leadership
  • Lean for Teams which is intended to enhance synergy among team members while teaching lean concepts. 


Our CPI training workshops leverage a customized toolkit of specialized techniques and industry best practices applied against real world problem sets.  The ultimate goal is that upon completion of the two-day hands on workshop, participants will have the tools necessary to return to their organizations and immediately apply the lessons and techniques to improve and streamline their operations.

Teya’s CPI Lean Workshop Training program focuses on practical strategies for delivering breakthrough service to your customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Our workshops are all designed for a minimum of sixteen participants and a maximum of twenty participants.  To facilitate ease of operations for your organization we conduct all training ‘on-site’ at your corporate location minimizing business disruptions and associated travel costs to your workforce.

Our workshops: 

  • Basic Lean Concepts (2 days)

Teya’s Basic Lean Concepts workshop is geared to the junior level operations workforce. Our CPI Workshops are aligned to support the critical day-to-day execution of existing processes and programs.  Junior operators are the key to effective and efficient organizational functions and best understand issues at the ‘point of entry’ of any value-stream operation.  Our Basic Lean Concepts Workshop will specifically address Critical to Customer requirements, communications techniques, expectation management, and process control techniques.  Additionally, Teya’s Basic Lean Concepts Workshop will facilitate the early stages of collaboration and highlight the importance of People, Process, and Technology to organizational success.

  • Lean for Managers (2 days)

Our Lean for Managers workshops are geared for Mid to Senior Managers and focus on the team building skills and problem analysis requirements required to identify customer expectations, techniques for stakeholder facilitation and support, and streamlined Value-Add process improvements.

  •  Lean for Teams (3 days)

Teya’s Lean for Teams Workshop focuses on synergy, collaboration, and ‘team dynamics” Our SMEs cover various communications techniques and demonstrate how to use stakeholder analysis to optimize and focus process improvement efforts.  Our Lean for Teams Workshop integrates the capabilities and tools taught in Our Lean for Managers and Basic Lean Concepts Workshops to provide training for Process or Operations Teams. Our Workshop harnesses the full integrated capabilities of team members to begin process improvement initiatives and provides the highest return on investment on time and resources.  Participating Teams will learn the tools necessary for process optimization and will learn practical application of these resources; moving from analysis to execution of improved processes and identify immediate benefits.

  • Executive Lean (2 days)

Teya’s Executive Lean Workshop provides an overview of a majority of all elements taught in our Basic Lean Concepts, Lean for Managers and Lean for Teams workshops; however, emphasis is placed on ‘Strategic’ application of all tools.  The key focus of our Executive Lean Workshop revolves around Risk Analysis, Cause and Effect, Stakeholder Analysis, Customer Satisfaction, and teaches executives to identify both tactical and strategic barriers to efficient operations.

Costing for Workshops are as follows:

  • Basic Lean Concepts: $1765 Per Student*
  • Lean for Managers: $1990 Per Student*
  • Lean for Teams: $2150 Per Student*
  • Executive Lean: $2275 Per Student*


*Prices are valid from January 2016 – Dec 2016 and are for CONUS Workshop delivery at a Customer provided facility for 16-20 participants. Prices include delivery of our basic, standardized workshop package with two SME facilitators.  Additional Workshop Tailoring is available upon request and will be priced accordingly.  Please contact our Training Division for a quote This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.